Video Tokek – Suara Tokek

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  1. Video tokek

  2. Download

  3. bagaimana bisa free download vidio dan susra toke

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  5. Saya nama, ANSORY
    Pengusaha CUKUP di wilayah Karesidenan Kediri.
    Special : bisnis dolomite, marmer, perumahan / kontraktor, trading buah2an dan sayuran, peternak sapi,kambing etawa (susu), ayam, bebek dan unggas lainnya.
    Saya ingin jenis toktk
    Alamat, istana BEJI T Agung
    Phone Private, 081331783155

  6. 8th June 2011


    Mr. Thong Chin Kong
    Rawang, Selangor D.E.,
    +6017-688 1186


    To Whom Its May Concern
    (Genuine Owner of Tokek Only)


    We refer to the above matter.

    Please be adviced that we are keen in buying tokek with creteria of 360g above and foremost 420g above in Peninsular of Malaysia (West Malaysia).

    If you have so, please:

    1) Please get a news paper showing (focus) date of current day.
    2) Please get a digital weighting machine.
    3) Please get a measurement tape.
    4) Put the tokek together with the piece of news paper showing date of current day on top of digital weighting machine and put at site the measurement tape.
    5) Take a very clear picture (info needed: tokek itself, weight, length & current date).
    6) Issue offer letter / quotation (contains price, species, colour, lenght in inches, weight in gram, date of measure, total of tokek).

    Stated below is the procedure of our purchasing:

    a) Seller MMS to us their current date picture with full criteria as above mentioned.
    b) Our manager confirmed received and went to your place for viewing and inspection.
    c) Once confirm the existing of tokek by inspection, the manager will recapture the picture for approval of BOD.
    d) Once BOD approved, the manager will fix a deposit to seller by signing an agreement.
    e) After signing an agreement either the seller or the manager must stig at the place together with the tokek. (Either the seller follow the manager to hotel at their hometown or the manager stay at the seller house awaiting for settlement process of payment)
    f) Balance will be settle by BOD max in 4 (four) working days.

    Should you have all of the aboved mentioned please sent us the offer letter & picture of the tokek and SMS us (at 017-688 1186) / MMS (at 010-2600 965) / MMS (at 010-4646 263) e-mail (at

    We’ll only entertain the genuine owner with full creteria of the above mentioned. We are really appreciate if the price can be negotiate upon assessment of the tokek.

    Please be advice that we prefer to buy the tokek at our place in Rawang, Selangor and together we’ll bring our lawyer and doctor veterinar to value the tokek condition.

    Transaction will be only in cash Ringgit Malaysia together with cash voucher immediate affected after we agreed to buy after our assessment infront of owner and witnesses.

    Kindly be informed that we have no time to deal with broker, mediator, middle person.

    Should you have any quiry please do not hesitate to contact us at 017-688 1186 or at

    Thank you.

    Thong Chin Kong

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